History of bee


Studies and considerations biologist scientists that at least 150 million years, the creatures called bee (Honey Bee) in the world live. For them when the flowers and plants are winter sleep and nectar for other bees do not feed within beehives for its honey to make. Amount of honey and often more productive than the value that they need so often the man to partner them in the use of this product is natural.

Honey bees are social animals like ants the things inside your hive are divided, a group of honey bees in a hive that contains a live queen (Article), number of male bee and worker bees are more.
No doubt the first cause is that the honey man is attracted to the bee. The oldest monument in the honey harvest is interpreted by man to seven thousand years BC, that Spain has been submitted. This work includes a human-looking carved stone on the dice for the sponsor to reach a local settlement overwrought and adverbial fixing for their honey-filled from the waist is. While the worker bee to fly around in his head have come. Effect of a painting that once after the above story is from Africa and obtained that the individual will perform the same operation, with the difference that the distance for person smoke uses.
Archeology story with primitive tribes to collect honey have been met. Number in honey harvesting equipment smoky and number are used for having a nest of honey in the rock that high and sharp stone, and deep valleys have been threatens their lives are. In some tribes people routinely empty the trunk of your trees to harvest honey and check mark in. It seems that Mark unread asserting that this is not public property and all the trees could not have used it.
Honey in the spiritual life, social and economic ancient Egyptians to have played an important role. Engraving fitting in the left temple and crypt of the dead so that the honey comes from the heart of national importance has been high in papyrus refers to the importance of medicinal honey is more drugs in some milk and honey has gone to work, ancient Egyptians pickerelweed that kind of atmosphere, honey and wheat are produced is used in large amount, because alcohol was not available to them. Jewish religious books from the promised land so that it remembers the creek honey and milk is current. Christian Bible Book of honey as a symbol of abundance and blessing mentioned in the petition "Bahr ol myt" also named, but the honey bee is restraint effect.
In ancient Greece the precious gifts of honey, one tenet of nature was. Greek gods imagined that when food is in eternal can eat and have been eternal. Imagine them in honey are important components of this food is Paradise.

The oldest fossil bee to twenty million years ago the Museum of Natural History in New York will maintain (bee resistance marker and compliance environment, it is to maintain survival), and since all creatures are the result of such evolution struck by guess is the primary species of the forty to fifty million years ago is.
Man long enough the first time, the honey used in a painting in the caves of Spain Bicorp is that man in the natural removal of honey from a hive is this image to 12 thousand years before Christ is .
Old Indian and the narrative of the ancient Egyptians used honey that comes to have a say in adverbial pyramids containing honey found that after a few thousand years yet is still healthy.
Homer in the songs, the book is the religious picture honey century AH 8 - M for apiculture in Greece and the use of honey regulations had.
Bee fly is the world's most sectors, except near the Antarctic lives of more than 10000 types of bee identified, but only bee, honey and beeswax makes that can be used

Natural honey and physical health


Use of some food such as honey, milk and dairy products will prevent caries teeth. Honey, including material that is due to having high amounts of calcium than other sweet food, the effect of corrosion on the lower teeth are.

Honey is a natural and energetic. Contains protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and enzymes Host. A spoon with honey, 60 calories and 11 grams of energy carbohydrate. Honey found in many communities is Faculty of benefits, but it still clearly is not.

Honey and memory:

the honey scientifically gum in vascular wall not going to be hard, soft wall keeps arteries and therefore better food reaches the brain and nerves and improve memory contents will be forgotten and less available be. The other hand vitamin D in calcium and phosphorus between honey acts set to work their nerves and therefore do well.

Physical properties honey, anti-bacterial effect of the old times by humans and antimicrobial properties of honey profit relief and treatment of discomfort such as skin wounds and burns are used to and is considered one of the best dressings.

Anti-bacterial properties of honey:

Honey contains antimicrobial substances and even the most powerful microbial resistance that dare do not have a simple test you with some micro organism (eg Mold on jam) mixed with honey completely after a few days you will see not only the growth not completely destroyed but is (as described in Mold growth certainly honey with water or other liquid is not pure and mixed)

Honey and teeth:

Through honey having anti-bacterial materials in replacement of sugar , not only is not harmful for teeth but the activation of Article fluorine tea is a substance that is anti-corruption teeth While consumption of tea with sugar is very harmful for the teeth are.

Combination of honey with a spoon a spoon vinegar grape home for massage gums for robust removal of gingival tissue has been reported useful

Daily consumption of honey will ensure the health of human body

Health honey human body is very useful, such that daily consumption of honey with the health body will.

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